Go Blue (or, Go Maize)

I completed my first visual assignment last night.  I chose to use the color splash on the University of Michigan football helmets.

I have always loved the contrast in colors of the maize and the blue.  The Michigan uniforms are unique, and thought the color splash would go well with the helment.



I used GIMP to complete this assignment.  It was a lot easier than I though it would be and I really enjoyed it.  The color splash is cool way to add emphasis to certain parts of the picture.  Cool stuff.


Here is the tutorial I used, which was straightforward and overall very helpful.  http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Selective_Color/



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2 responses to “Go Blue (or, Go Maize)

  1. Yay!! Loving this! I think we should require ourselves to make every assignment we do about Michigan…hmm…I like this idea.

  2. Ben

    Fight on, fight on for Western!
    Take the ball, make a score, win the game!

    Oh, sorry, saw that gold on the helmet and got confused. Man WMU really does have a lame fight song….my poor alma mater.

    Nice work on the image, like the way the scrapes on the helmet stand out even more with just the yellow highlighted like that. Keep the good stuff rolling!

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