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Updated Video Problem Think-Through

Here is the updated Think-Through.  Student sharing options is now included on the bottom.  Also, spacing on the page is a little nicer.  Enjoy.

Video Problem Think Through


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MACUL 12 Presentation Slides

Hello All,

After the presentation, many asked if the Keynote slides would be available.  Here they are.  I have embedded the images one by one.  Obviously, this is probably not the best way to view all the slides.  Also, here is the presentation in PPT form MACUL12ppt.  Videos are not part of the file, but those can be viewed on my Vimeo acount.

Again suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.  I plan on updating it to include the boxes for who it can be shared with this weekend as well.  Lastly, if you want to join in the collaboration of the Vimeo Video Story Problems, please do not hesitate to contact Ben Rimes or myself.

 The videos are not in the Slideshare, but most are up on my Vimeo account.  I had recorded the presentation to share, but unfortunately the Flip Video died halfway through.

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