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Two related objects with drastically different sizes- TDC22

For today’s daily create, I have taken a picture of two Angry Bird nets.  The smaller bird is the blue bird, that breaks into three separate  avian missiles.  The larger bird is the black bird, that drops the bomb.

Click for larger image

Tomorrow, my students will be exploring 3-D geometric nets.  They saw me constructing these before class today and needless to say, they are very excited to create their own.

I found these on the web, from Little Plastic Man.  Here is the link, if interested.


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My Personal Cyberinfrastructure

Well, here I am.  I have decided to start a personal blog, which will include among many things, a reflection on my own teaching practices, collaboration with other educators, and my involvement with ds106.

My top two motives for starting this blog:

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